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Laboratory Chemical Vapor Eliminator
Laboratory Chemical Vapor Eliminator
Laboratory Chemical Vapor Eliminator

    Laboratory Chemical Vapor Eliminator

    Catalog No: ASRD0018
    Price: $249.99
    Absorb and react with acid, base, organic vapor and etc.

    • High-efficiency

    • Long-lasting

    • Environment friendly

    The “Laboratory Chemical Vapor Eliminator” is made to be used in acid cabinet to remove acid vapor gradually accumulate in the head space of the cabinet, creating a corrosive gas mixture. The common observed phenomena are the rustic formation along the wall of the cabinet, and harsh smell in and near the cabinet, especially when opening the cabinet door. Imagine what those acid mixed vapors can do to our body, if they can have such dramatic effects on objects nearby, most obviously from metal.

    Based on our long-accumulated knowledge of chemistry and actual experience working in laboratory, we designed and made “Laboratory Chemical Vapor Eliminator” to protect our health. As you may see, the physical shape of our products before and after exposure to chemical vapor. The change clearly shows the chemical reactions just happened. Our product happened to remove the acid vapor within the acid cabinet head space, protecting our body, especially the lung.

    Similar chemical reactions and physical absorption also happen our other 2 products. After the chemical vapor was removed from the nearby atmosphere, no further contamination will happen, since the resulting material will not evaporate any further.

    Net weight (without case): 800g